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The National Quality Infrastructure System (NQIS) responding to the extraordinary situation with the coronavirus and taking into account the relevant instructions of the supervising ministries, since Thuesday the 17th of March adjusted accordingly the operation of its two Units, namely Standardization (ELOT) and Metrology (EIM). In this respect: Communication should be conducted electronically, through e-mail addresses, which are available in the websites of the Organization (, Read more [...]

Intercomparison scheme in the field of “Calibration of storage tank with capacity of 10 m3” 2019

NQIS/EIM, in the context of the implementation of the Greek Law Ν. 3784/2009, Κ.Υ.Α. Φ2-1617/2010 and ΠΟΛ 1009/2012 on the installation of integrated input - output systems of fuel stations, organizes an intercomparison scheme in the field of « Calibration of storage tank with capacity of 10 m3».

Files: Application Form, Technical information,

Storage tank photos: vol1.jpg, vol2.jpg, vol3.jpg, vol4.jpg.

Web application for the calibration of storage tanks Read more [...]

Revision of International System of Units (SI)

In a landmark decision, the BIPM’s Member States voted on 16 November 2018 to revise the definition of the following units of the International System of Units (SI) : the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole, in terms of constants of the natural world. The importance of the decision to the users is laid out in the following BIPM announcement: Read more [...]

First EURAMET Summer School on Thermal Measurements a Big Success

The summer school, which ran from 17 to 21 September 2018 at the Hellenic Institute of Metrology in Greece, gave 44 students from entire EURAMET Community and all Reginal Metrology Organisations an opportunity to get both theoretical and hands-on experience in thermal metrology.

The event has been perfectly hosted by EIM, Greek's National Metrology Institute, with sessions taking place at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Detailed article at EURAMET website. Read more [...]