Metrology at citizens’ service

Natural gas, oil, electricity energy, water etc. are daily measured. Food and materials are sold and bought by weight or/and size. The quality of our food depends on the measurements of the preservatives added as well as their chemical composition. Our safety relies upon measurements of the speed, temperature, pressure etc. In health care, proper diagnosis relies upon the correct analysis of samples, and our recovery depends on the correct dosage of medicine. For our environment, measurements Read more [...]

EIM Identity

The Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM)  is the National Metrology Organization of Greece and the official metrology and measurements advisor of the Greek State. EIM is a legal body ascribing to the private law, supervised by the General Secretariat of Industry. Since January 23, 2013 EIM is a unit of the National Quality Infrastructure System (NQIS) of Greece (Law: ν.4109/2013). NQIS consists of the following independent units: a) Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM), b) National Stadardization Read more [...]