Name Position Email ( Phone
Vasilikou Fani Quality and Scientific Support vasilikou +30.2310.569990
Zacharias Konstantinos Ph.D. Head of Acoustics & Vibrations Laboratory zacharias +30.2310.569.958 CV
Ioannidis Petros Laboratory Technician pioannidis +30.2310.569.966
Kokkini Evmorfia Head of Temperature & Humidity Laboratory kokkini +30.2310.569.951 CV
Krikelas George Ph.D. Head of High Frequency Laboratory gkrik +30.2310.569.972
Kiriakidis Dionisis Ph.D. Director of Quality Assurance Department sakis +30.2310.569.987
Lefkopoulos Alexandros Ph.D. Director of Mechanical Measurements Dept. and Head of Pressure Laboratory lefkopoulos +30.2310.569.960
Metaxiotou Zoe Ph.D. Head of Flow & Volume Laboratory zoe +30.2310.569.962
Baka Domna Director of Finance & Administration Department domna +30.2310.569.980
Bandis Christos Ph.D. Head of Dimensional Laboratory bandis +30.2310.569.952 CV
Navrozidis George Head of Force Laboratory gnavr +30.2310.723.049
Prokopidis Elias Laboratory Technician prokel +30.2310.569.975
Sdrakas Socrates Head of Time & Frequency Laboratory ssdrakas +30.2310.569.971 CV
Slavakis Savas Laboratory Technician slavakis +30.2310.569.958
Holiastou Myrto Ph.D. Head of Low Frequency Laboratory holiastou +30.2310.569.971 CV