Acoustics and Vibrations

auv_39In the Acoustics Laboratory, the unit of sound pressure level (dB) is realized using a primary system for the calibration of laboratory microphones. The laboratory is equipped with measuring systems for sound level meter verification, for calibration of sound calibrators and for comparison calibration of microphones. A fully anechoic chamber, built in accordance with the ISO 3745 standard, is used for measurements requiring a free acoustic field.

The Acoustics Laboratory performs measurements and calibrations of:

  • laboratory standard microphones using the “reciprocity technique”
  • microphones by comparison with reference microphones or by the “electrostatic actuator technique”
  • sound calibrators and piston phones by the “Insert voltage technique” and by comparison using calibrated piston phones
  • sound level meter verification according to BS 7580 standard
  • accelerometers by comparison with reference accelerometers, which are calibrated by laser interferometry and vibration frequency measurements, providing traceability to the wavelength and the electrical standards of EIM.